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Why Businesses Choose The People~Connect Institute

The People~Connect Institute Helps Businesses:

Andrew in Action!

"I just totally enjoyed Mr Sanderbeck's workshop yesterday. I took away some good skills from him...his hands on group thinks were very revealing; learning how others think and their perspective on things is quite interesting. His emphasis at the end on the mentally ill coming into libraries was very useful for us. He reinforced the fact that we need to set boundaries in all aspects of life. I really enjoyed him!!! It would be great to have him back....he seems to have a good handle on people and relationships."
Helen, NEORLS Workshop Participant

Partnering with Your Business for Success

The People~Connect Institute partners with its clients to create innovative, long-term developmental solutions. Our focus is on long-lasting results, not just making the symptoms vanish. We work with you to increase people-productivity and profitability by providing the right skills for the right people in the right way. We deliver solutions that meet your objectives -- on time and on target.

Based upon your organization's specific needs, The People~Connect Institute develops an implementation plan that uncovers these needs by conducting a thorough needs assessment to make sure that we create the best plan for your situation. We analyze what is keeping your employees from being more effective, and designs appropriate solutions to address the target group's challenges and areas for development.

Customized to fit your business needs, we design and deliver unique workplace-effectiveness solutions that will maximize the return on your investment.

Solutions we offer include:

The People~Connect Institute offer a fresh and objective perspective on your business. We see what you are unable to see because you are so closely focused on the day to day operations of running your busniess. Our recommendations are practical and our targeted solutions bring about measurable results.