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"Yesterday, my wife arrived home from Contra Costa Library staff day and she shared with me some of what transpired during your workshop sessions...She was excited, engaged, absorbed, appreciatived, challenged by your engagement, sharing, teaching, inspiring... I would like to share this note in appreciation for your kind gift to the staff of Contra Costa, and others you have touched..."
Bo Tep, Spouse of Contra Costa County Library Employee

The People~Connect Institute offer a fresh and objective perspective on your business. Our recommendations are practical and targeted solutions that bring about measurable results.

Who benefits from our expertise?

Small businesses are fueling our economic recovery! Our experienced professionals work with business owners and their employees to overcome their business, management and Human resource problems. We team up with Chambers of commerce to offer Webinars and Presentations that business owners make time to attend. Andrew Sanderbeck is the creator of highly acclaimed Business Leaders Institute and Customer Service Experience programs for businesses wanting to achieve new levels of growth and profitability

Hotels, Restaurants and Cruise Companies around the world trust our professionals for training to grow their people and businesses. We offer Web Based Programs and In Person Intensive training in Leadership, Management, Sales and Customer Service. We also specialize in Keynotes Presentations and Interactive Training Sessions at Conferences and Business Meetings and Events.

Libraries and Museums, Library Organizations, National and State Library Associations from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean consistently engage The People~Connect Institute for everything from Management and Human Resource Consulting and Coaching, to Webinars and Presentations including one and two day training sessions and keynotes. Andrew Sanderbeck is the creator of highly acclaimed Leadership Institute and Customer Service Experience programs for museums and public and academic libraries.

With years of experience in managing retail stores and developing company wide training initiatives, the professionals of the People~Connect Institute know what it takes to train and develop retail success. Our Web based and face to face interactive training programs help our clients in delivering information to help their stores be more profitable and efficient in meeting the needs of the internal and external customer.

Our professionals are also experienced in working with the following industries: Aviation and Airlines; Health Care; Credit Unions and Home Decorating.