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Andrew Sanderbeck

Andrew Sanderbeck is a recognized expert trainer, coach and consultant on leadership and team development, customer service and developing cohesive management teams. He has owned and operated both retail and manufacturing businesses and has taken his life experiences of working with and owning his companies and turned them into gems of applicable knowledge for his clients. Andrew presents for audiences both domestically and internationally conducting training classes in the Caribbean, Europe and the Far East.
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Linda Bruno

Linda has been developing and conducting training seminars and Webinars for more than ten years. Certified with Development Dimensions International and Achieve Global, she also offers her own workshops on Customer Service, Supervisory Skills, Personalities, Organizational Skills, Effective Communication, Returning Balance to Your Life, and many other topics.
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Elizabeth 'Beth' Fenton, M.A. LMHC

Interim Executive, Corporate Consultant, Speaker/Presenter

Beth brings 20 years of executive, professional, and leadership expertise to businesses, individual consumers, and national audiences. One of her greatest strengths is achieving corporate goals and profits by promoting relationships internal and external of an organization focusing on the human capital initiatives of talent development, communication, relationship management, performance enhancements and hiring right the first time.
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Robert Mallon

Robert Mallon is a nationally known professional speaker and business orienteer, based in Atlanta, Georgia. He has over 25 years of business experience having worked internally with several nationally known corporations. He has won numerous awards for his management, leadership, and sales abilities.
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Ned Parks

Ned Parks pulls from a wealth of experience to deliver upbeat and highly interactive programs. His dedication to the individual in each of us is driven by his own life journey one that is filled with change, adventure, learning and spiritual discovery.
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