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Services: Consulting

Helping You Make Better Decisions. Faster

In today's business world, organizations that are successful make better decisions, faster. The People~Connect Institute’s team of professionals have deep practical experience in helping libraries solve their problems and in planning for their future. Unlike general-purpose consultants, our professionals have years of subject matter expertise in working with specific business and workplace needs including:

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HR Products & Services

We offer interactive assessment instruments and programs designed to be used as stand-alone training or to be used in conjunction with a personal coach. (Link to the Coaching Page) These are innovative products and services for professionals focused on meeting individual and organizational development needs.

Compliance Training Programs

Assessments / Profiles

360 Degree Profile and Assessments

Outsourcing of Human Resources

The People~Connect Institute offers a range of HR outsourcing solutions encompassing transactional, administrative, and strategic functions and processes for libraries that do not employ an HR department or professional. Our knowledge of local standards and best practices enable us to interpret information, draw solid conclusions and make fact-based decisions to help your business stay in business legally. Never again will you feel like you are navagating the waters of HR without a compass!

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