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Growing Our Passion

What makes a business successful? Successful people! This inspirational keynote presentation delivers the 7 Steps to Living and Working a Passionate Life:

Purpose, Action, Successful, Support, Intention, Optimism and Nose.

This presentation, which uses both music and visuals to create a memorable experience for the audience, propels attendees to a new attitude of success and belief about themselves, the work that they do and the life that they lead!

The Customer Service Experience in Your Business

Do you want your customers to keep coming back? For that to happen your business must create an experience for them! An experience that is more than just offering products and services, the "new normal" challenges businesses of all types to give more their customers...while working with less.

“The successful businesses of the present and future are focused on creating a wealth of valuable experiences for their customers.”

This keynote focuses on helping businesses create customer service experiences while staying true to their mission and vision. Packed with real life examples from some of the best businesses throughout the United States, this presentation challenges the audience to create their own customer service experiences..

Building Your Inner Circle of Support

You’ve got BIG goals, plans and dreams…in writing! Maybe, you have even created a list of things that you plan to accomplish in your lifetime. You have the ambition, intelligence, intention and knowledge to make it happen. Consider these questions: Who’s going to hold you accountable to your goals, plans and dreams? Who will be there to help you when you are in a rut? Who will you call when you need to celebrate…or just to have a good vent of frustration?

“Some of the worst people you can take on a new journey or adventure in life are your family members and co-workers…they are too close and personally biased to be brutally honest when you need them to be!”

This inspirational keynote presentation guides audience members in the How-To’s and Benefits of Building an Inner Circle of Support in their lives, including easy to learn and apply tools and techniques to connect with people anywhere. Successful people know that the greatest gift in life is the people that you share your journey with…helping them to become successful too!