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Book an Event: Logistics

AV Requirements, Logistics & How to Get the Most From Andrew Sanderbeck’s Program

We take our responsibility to you very seriously. Our goal is to maximize your investment. The following highlights the most critical components and room requirements when booking Andrew for your event. This information is also available with diagrams in pdf file format.

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Overview of Requirements

  1. Andrew is an animated speaker who is always good to look at. Please do NOT put him behind a lectern or head table. If the head table is on a riser or a stage, pull it back from the edge to allow space for Andrew to stand in front of it.

  2. Please have a cordless, hand-held microphone. Andrew prefers NOT to use a lavaliere microphone.

  3. Please read Andrew's introduction, or keep it fairly close to the way it is written.

  4. If Andrew is speaking at a luncheon or dinner meeting, please order a FRUIT PLATE for him unless there is a buffet.

  5. Try to have the group in a fun mood before introducing your speaker. Sad announcements or moments of silence for a recently departed friend are appropriate, but not just before introducing the speaker.

  6. Andrew enjoys and does his best to meet as many members of his audience as possible. He will attend your social events, if requested, but please do not make arrangements to keep him out late at night.

  7. To get more maximize your investment in Andrew or any other speaker, please keep in mind that an extended cocktail party is not a good start for your audience or any speaker. It is not a good idea to have your main speaker the last day of a conference when everyone has been up very late the night before.

  8. Awards or extended announcements — either consider having your speaker first, or give the audience a stretch break for a couple of minutes before introducing the speaker.

  9. Hotels never think of these: It can be difficult for Andrew to build intimacy and rapport if:

    • The audience is not very close to each other, or to the speaker.
    • Your audience is still eating.
    • The entire room is not well lit. (If spotlights are available, consider them.)
  10. For any size audience, have the audience close to the speaker.

  11. If the door at the back of the room closes loudly, please have a door stop so that the door will not be a distraction.

  12. If the room is rectangular we have recommended seating arrangement and setup diagrams available on the downloadable pdf file.
  13. SEATING: If the audience's chairs are angled rather than straight rows, facing the stage will be more comfortable.

  14. In a meeting room where food is NOT served, if possible, have tables in front of speaker, not aisles (see pdf downloadable file for details)

  15. Your eye follows movement, not sound; if photos are to be taken, never take them during the first fifteen minutes of the presentation. It will be too much of a distraction for your audience and speaker. (It is possible to take "posed action" shots during the break.)

We hope this will help you. We at the People~Connect Institute want to present a first-class program. Many Thanks!